The Protagonist Victor Kossakovsky
Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky was born in St Petersburg, formerly known as Leningrad, in 1961. He started working in the film business in 1978 as camera, cutting and direction assistant at the Documentary Film Studio in Leningrad and became a passionate producer of auteur films. In 1986 he started studying “Script Writing and Film Direction” at Moscow‘s film school, graduating successfully in 1989. He set up two film production companies, Sreda Film in Berlin and Kossakovsky Film Production in St Petersburg. To this day, he works as a freelance film director and producer.

Filmography (A Selection since 1993):
2011    “Long live the Antipodes!” (original title: ¡Vivan las Antipodas!), documentary, 108 min, opening film at the
           68th Mostra Internazionale d´Arte Cinematografica La Biennale di Venezia 2011where the condors fly 4 small
2005    “Svyato”, documentary, 45 min.
2003    “Hush!” (original title: Tishe!), documentary, 80 min. Nominated for the European Film Academy Award and
           the Ioris Ivens Award (IDFA). Broadcast worldwide in cinemas and on television.
2000    “I loved you... - Three romances” (original title: Ya Vas lyubil... - Tri romansa), documentary, 102 min.
1997    “Wednesday 07.19.61”, (original title: Sreda, 19.VII.1961), documentary 93 min.
           FIPRESCI Award at the Berlinale 1997
1998    “Pavel and Lyala” (original title: Pavel i Lyala), documentary, 30 min.
1993    “Belovy” (original title: The Belovs), documentary 60 min. Ioris Ivens Award (IDFA) and described by Dutch
           film critics as „one of the best documentaries of the twentieth century“.

Carlos Klein on the protagonist
"He is a Russian, big and bulky, aged 51 and with the look and laughter of a child. He can be sympathetic, funny and sometimes even affectionate, but this impression changes immediately when he takes his camera and dives into the creative process. Then he will suddenly start to weep without warning or yell out, lose his patience or become delighted and happy beyond measure.
In the film business the charismatic director is known as a true master of observation who always manages to portray trivial, everyday life situations in an original and inventive way. Victor Kossakovsky‘s way of looking at things through his camera lens is unique: he recognizes the poetic and philosophical dimension in them and knows how to transmit this with a subtle sense of humour and a feeling for drama.“
This is how I characterized my protagonist before launching myself into the adventure of accompanying him during the shooting of his new film “Long live the Antipodes!” (original title: ¡Vivan las Antipodas!)."