Movie Director Carlos Klein
Carlos Klein was born in Santiago de Chile in 1972. The Chilean-German movie director studied filmmaking in his hometown, in Cuba and in London. In Santiago de Chile, he studied “Audiovisual Communication“ at the UNIACC from 1990 to 93 and reinforced his knowledge of filmmaking during research studies of “Cinema and Television“ at the Universidad Arcis, Santiago de Chile from 1993 to 98. In 1994 he took part in the workshop “Camera“ in San Diego de los Baños during his stay in Cuba and from 1995 to 96 he spent a year studying at the London College of Printing and Distributive Trades in the field of “Cinematography“.
For his documentary “Ibycus - a poem by John Heath-Stubbs” Carlos Klein was awarded “Best Director“ at the FIDOCS, Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago. In 2004 Carlos Klein received the award for the “Best Realization“ with his first long documentary “Tierra de Agua” at the same festival.
Today Carlos Klein lives in Santiago de Chile and also works as a musician.

where-the-condors-fly 2 director osmallFilmography (A Selection since 1997):
2012        “Where the Condors Fly”, feature documentary, 90 min
2007        “A portrait of Rolf Gérard in his mid nineties”, permanent film installation, 36 min, Rolf Gérard Foundation, Ascona
2004        “Tierra de Agua”, feature documentary, 80 min
1997        “Ibycus - a poem by John Heath-Stubbs”, short documentary, 25 min

Director‘s reflections on the Film
“The idea to shoot this film is based on my deep affection for art in general. Because of the lack of cultural input during my childhood in (geographically and politically) isolated Chile, I became an art junkie: no matter if it was a book, a video cassette, a record from abroad that a friend brought with him or watching a 16 mm film at the house of another enthusiastic film lover… It was like that in Chile: we were all dying to get our hands on anything like that.
But the height of luxury was to get to know more about the life of artists who had created these great masterpieces! Biographies and autobiographies, letters and photos, anecdotes from friends, rumours or first-hand reports about what was going on behind the scenes. I myself collect these documents to gain greater insight into the life of these creators and thereby also into their work that gave me so much pleasure.
On my personal artist‘s altar (no, I do not have one, only in my imagination), I reserve a special place for Russian filmmakers. Kossakovsky is already represented there with his film „The Belovs“. I was so happy not only to meet him, but also to become friends with him (at the right time). I thought: What a wonderful experience to shoot a film about an artist (and friend) who has a great idea in his head, and to accompany him during the realization of this idea which promises to become an epic masterpiece. This was the idea and the starting point of this film."