Chilean film director Carlos Klein accompanies Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky during the shooting of his latest film. In Patagonia, at Lake Baikal and in Shanghai, Victor Kossakovsky explores the singular relationships between places and people on opposite sides of the world. Carlos Klein documents the making of this ambitious film in a very personal way, driven by his own inner search for images that still have an impact on us. While doing so, he reveals his own and Kossakovsky‘s ambiguous attitude towards filmmaking.
“Where the Condors Fly” is a critical and deeply humorous reflection about cinematography.

The Film
At the end of the Chilean military regime, filmmaker Carlos Klein finds himself confronted with a flood of images that sweep away his faith in the power of pictures. When he meets the Russian documentary maker, Victor Kossakovsky, himself a passionate filmmaker who was searching for new shooting locations in Chile, Carlos Klein seizes the opportunity to associate with this outstanding movie director. Victor Kossakovsky is just about to realize his ambitious new film “¡Vivan las Antipodas!”, in which he explores the singular relationships between places and people on opposite sides of the world. By accompanying Kossakovsky during the realization of this project, Carlos Klein hopes to regain his confidence in the power of pictures.

With the Russian documentary maker he travels from antipode to antipode, from Punta Arenas, Chile to Lake Baikal in Russia and from Villaguay, Argentina, to Shanghai, China. While doing so, Carlos Klein documents the making of “¡Vivan las Antipodas!”, revealing the multi-faceted personality of Kossakovsky and conveying his artistic convictions and motivations.
Whether lingering in serious reflection about filmmaking, making Russian choir women laugh and himself cry, or jumping into abysses with sheer joy at the beauty of nature, Victor Kossakovsky films with a passion, and without reserve, true to his personal commandment: „Don’t film if you can live without filming.“
Carlos Klein calmly takes on the Russian filmmaker‘s effervescent temperament. As they travel, disagreements and conflicts become a source of inspiration for his quest.
In calmer moments of the film, the spectator finds opportunity to ask fundamental questions about the act of filmmaking and to glimpse at the heart of artistic creativity.

“Where the Condors Fly” is more than a making-of. It‘s a personal, critical and deeply humorous reflection about filmmaking and its possibilities and limitations. Like a matrouchka doll, it tells the story of a filmmaker making a film about another filmmaker who is himself making a film.

Cast und Crew

With Victor Kossakovsky, Carlos Klein, René Vargas and the members of the crew of "Long live the Antipodes" (Original title ¡Vivan las Antipodas!)

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Directing and Camera Carlos Klein
Sound Mario Diaz, Patrick Becker, Rafael Huerta, Huang Xun
Editing Carlos Klein, Beatrice Babin, Vadim Jendreyko
Original music Daniel Almada, Carlos Klein, Martin Klingeberg
Mixing Florian Beck, André Zacher, Daniel Almada
Producer Vadim Jendreyko
Co-Producers Carlos Klein, Hartmut Homolka
Associate Producers Hercli Bundi, Hanspeter Giuliani

Cinema documentary 90 Min. by Carlos Klein
HD, 90 min., colour, 16:9
© 2012 Mira Film
ISAN 0000-0003-221C-0000-W-0000-0000-F

In co-production with TM Film (Germany) and CKFilms (Chile), with Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRG SSR (Swiss Public Service Channel) and BR Bayerischer Rundfunk (German Public Service Channel)
World Sales: Taskovski Films Ltd.

Supported by: Bundesamt für Kultur EDI (Federal Office of Culture), MFG Film Funding Baden-Wurttemberg und Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Fondo de Fomento Audiovisual Chile and the Jan Vrijman Fund