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Metropolis Theatre - "Where the Condors Fly" in Hamburg (GER)

Another chance to watch "Where the Condors Fly" on big cinema screen: Metropolis Theatre in Hamburg shows Carlos Kleins reflection about the limitations and possibilities of documentary filmmaking on

Tuesday, octobre 7 at 9.15 pm

Summer Screening in Theatre Weitwinkel Singen (GER)

Summernights invite to philosophize - theatre Weitwinkel Kino Singen to a screening of "Where the Condors Fly". The cultural association GEMS and the communal theatre show the film in their section
"What is cinema?" where they ask about nature of film, created by attitude, form and technical setting. Carlos Kleins cinematographic reflection about filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky, shooting his film "Long live the antipodes", puts the same question and visualizes ambivalences and posibilities of actual documentary creation. A double screening together with Victor Kossakovsky's film allows a further reflection.

EPOS 2014 - Festival Premiere in Israel

"Where the Condors Fly" by Carlos Klein celebrates its Israelian festival premiere in March. The Museum of Art Tel Aviv is screening the documentary at EPOS The International Art Film Festival. Fitting in with its award at the Festival Temps d'Images as "most original cinema feature on art", the film is programmed in the section "Film as Art".

Theatrical Release in Chile - Santiago de Chile

"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) premieres in Chilean theatres! The cinematographic reflection about filmmaking is to be seen in the town of origin of filmmaker Carlos Klein at Cinemateca Nacional and Centro Arte Alameda.

Screening dates in Santiago de Chile:

25. Novembre, Cinema Hoyts La Reina
from 28. Novembre in der Cineteca del Palacio de La Moneda

from 4. Decembre in Centro Arte Alameda

Temps d'Images 2013 - Awarded at Festival in Portugal

The European network and film festival Temps d'Images (22.-26.11.) - cofounded by ARTE - has screened the documentary movie "Where the Condors Fly" in Lissabon. Carlos Klein's film about Russian director Victor Kossakovsky and filmmaking as creative process was programmed in the section "Films on Art". The jury awarded the film with the "Premio de Cinema" and founded their decision as follows:

"'Where the Condors Fly' stands out for its original way to mediate the importance of art for society."

Viña del Mar 2013 - Festival Screening in Chile

After its distinction as "Best Cinema Documentary" at the Festival Antofadocs in Septembre, "Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) participates at one more International Film Festival in Chile. Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar (18.-23.11.) chooses Carlos Klein's documentary for this year's programme and screens the film in the section "Panorama Nacional".

Cine Latinoamericano 2013 - Festival Premiere in Belgium

"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) celebrates its festival premiere in Belgium. The Festival de Cine Latinoamericano (6.-25.11.) in Flanders, bringing forward the dialogue between Latinamerican directors and the European film audience, will screen Carlos Klein's reflection about filmmaking in its competitive section "Documentaries".

Lichtmeß - Theatre Premiere in Hamburg

In Octobre, "Where the Condors Fly" celebrates its theatre premiere in Germany's Hanseatic City. The Lichtmeß Theatre, also known as "probabely most demanding art theatre of Hamburg", has integrated Carlos Klein's cinematographic journey in his exquisite film program.


FIDBA 2013 - Festival Screening in Buenos Aires

De vuelta en Argentina: "Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) is back on film festival scene in Buenos Aires - this time Carlos Klein's documentary is going to be screened at Festival Internacional de Documentales Cinema de Buenos Aires (18.-22.9.) in the Competition "Latinamerican Documentary Film".

Sole Luna 2013 - Festival Screening in Italy

After festival screenings around the globe "Where the Condors Fly" is going to be screened in Italy for the first time. Carlos Klein's documentary will celebrate its Italian Festival Premiere at the International Film Festival Sole Luna - Un ponte tra le culture (16.-22.9.) in Palermo in the competitive section "Latinamerican documentaries".

Antofadocs 2013 - Awarded at Chilean Festival

"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) continues its festival carreer in Chile after a short summer break. The documentary has already been awarded several times in the country of origin of director Carlos Klein and was screened at the International Film Festival of Antofagasta, Antofadocs (3.-7.9.), in the Official Competition. There it has been awarded once again: it won the prize "Best Cinema Documentary". As winner of the festival, Carlos Klein's movie about filmmaking will be touring through the region Antofagasta and be screened at schools, f.e. in Maria Elena, where pupils participate at workshops and have the opportunity to learn how to make films.

Festival Rec 2013 - Festival-Screening in Argentina

After several festival-screenings in Latinamerica, "Where the Condors Fly" (span. title "Donde vuelan los cóndores") is going to be shown in Argentina - after Chile the second country whose patagonian landscapes were shooting location and inspiration for the film title. REC, Festival de Cine de Universidades Públicas will include the film in his program in Buenos Aires (4.-8.6.).

ZOOM Festival - Nominated for Film Award Basel 2013

"Where the Condors Fly"
has been nominated for the Film Award Basel. The regional film festival ZOOM - Basler Filme im Fokus" (31.5.-2.6.) screens Carlos Klein's awarded documentary in competition together with five further features.
Screening date:
Saturday, 1. June, bloc 6 at 4.30 pm, theatre kult.kino Atelier in Basel

Theatre Screening - Stattkino Lucerne from 24. May

After theatre screenings in Bern, Basel and Zurich, Carlos Klein's documentary "Where the Condors Fly" is going to be screened at Stattkino Lucerne together with its 'sujet' - Victor Kossakovsky's latest film "Vivan las Antipodas".
Screening dates:
Friday, 24. May at 8.15 pm, Where the Condors Fly
Saturday, 25. May at 8.15 pm, Where the Condors Fly
Sunday, 26. May at 8.15 pm, Vivan las Antipodas
Monday, 27. May at 8.15 pm, Where the Condors Fly
Tuesday, 28. May at 8.15 pm, Vivan las Antipodas
Wednesday, 29. May at 8.15 pm, Where the Condors Fl

DOK.fest Munich 2013 - German Festival Premiere

We are glad to announce the first festival screening of "Where the Condors Fly" in Germany. Carlos Klein's documentary takes a break on his worldwide festival journey and is going to be screened at DOK.fest Munich (9.-15.5.) as German Premiere in the section DOK.panorama:

EDOC Ecuador 2013 - Festival Premiere in Ecuador

After several festival screenings in Chile and Mexico, "Where the Condors Fly" (span. title "Donde vuelan los cóndores") is going to be presented in Ecuador. EDOC Festival - Encuentros documentales - has programmed the film in their Panorama Section (9.-19.5.). Director Carlos Klein himself is going to introduce his film.

ChampContrechamp 2013 - Festival-Screening in Lasalle

The Film Festival of Lasalle ChampContrechamp (8.-11.5.) that programs only creative documentaries is going to show "Where the Condors Fly". Carlos Kleins Metareflection about filmmaking participates for its second time at a French documentary film festival. online casino poker blackjackreal online casino bestreal online casino slots

Ambulante 2013 - Festival Screenings in Mexico

"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title Donde vuelan los condores) is still touring through Mexico with Ambulante Film Festival (8.2.-9.5.), in the section "Cine sobre Cine" (Cinema in Films). The documentary of Chilean director Carlos Klein celebrated its Mexican festival premiere in Mexico D.F in February and was presented in different cultural institutions of Mexico D.F., among others in the Goethe-Institute. In March, April and now May, the documentary film festival tours to twelve other Mexican cities - the Condors in its luggage.

Screening in May:
4. May at 8 pm, Teatro Juarez, Oaxaca Mexico

Screenings in April:
11. April at 7 pm, Centro Cultural Vito Alessio Robles en Saltillo, Coahuila
12. April at 4 pm, Cineteca Jalisco. Instituto Cultural Cabañas en Guadalajara, Jalisco best online casino
15. April at 5 pm, Museo de Arte de Zapopan, Jalisco
22. April at 7 pm, Museo casa natal de Morelos, Morelia,Michoacán
In presence of director Carlos Klein:
23. April at 6.30 pm, Teatro Rubén Romero in Morelia, Michoacàn
24. April at 8 pm, Teatro Rubén Romero in Morelia, Michoacàn

Screenings in March:

5. March at 7pm at Caa del Arte, Puebla

Screenings in February:

12. February at 7.30 pm, Casa del Lago
15. February at 6.00 pm Centro de Cultura Digital Estela de Luz
17. February at 12.00 am Centro Cultural Universitario UNAM
17. February at 6.00 pm Centro Cultural Universitario UNAM
18. February at 7.30 pm CCC (Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica)
19. February at 8.00 pm Instituto Goethe

Festival de Màlaga 2013 - Spanish Festival Premiere

The Festival de Màlaga (20.-27.4) with focus on hispanophone cinema includes "Where the Condors Fly"(span. tile Dónde vuelan los cóndores) in its official selection. Carlos Kleins movie about filmmaking takes part in competition in the section "Documentaries".

TDF 2013 - Greek Festival Premiere

In Greece, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is going to take place from 15. - 24. March and has included "Where the Condors Fly" in its section "Portraits".

SIFF 2013 - Bulgarian Festival Premiere

The Sofia International Film Festival (7. - 17.3.) has chosen Carlos Kleins Where the Condors Fly for International Competition. Together with ten other documentaries it competes for the Millenium Award for Best Documentary.

Theatrical release in Switzerland and Germany

"Where the Condors Fly" is coming soon. The documentary by Carlos Klein celebrates its cinema premiere in Switzerland and in Germany at the same time and starts its theatrical release from 3. February. The cinemas playing "Where the Condors Fly" are planning to screen the film together with Victor Kossakovsky's work "Long live the Antipodes!".

Cinema Xenix, Zürich:
Sunday, 21. April at 12 am, Zurich Cinema Premiere. A film discussion with producer Vadim Jendreyko will follow the screening.

Kino im Kunstmuseum, Bern:

Sunday, 3. February at 11 am, SWISS CINEMA PREMIERE "Where the Condors Fly"
Thursday, 7. February at 6.30 pm SWISS CINEMA PREMIERE "Long live the Antipodes!"
Wednesday, 13. February at 6.30 pm, "Where the Condors Fly"
Sunday, 17. February at 6.30 pm, "Long live the Antipodes!"
Wednesday, 20. February at 6.30 pm, "Where the Condors Fly"
Tuesday, 26. February at 6.30 pm, "Where the Condors Fly"

Stadtkino Basel:

Friday, 15. February at 8 pm, "Where the Condors Fly"
Thursday, 21. February at 6.30 pm, "Where the Condors Fly"
Friday, 22. February at 5.30 pm, "Long live the Antipodes!"
Saturday, 23. February at 3.15 pm, "Where the Condors Fly"
Wednesday, 27. February at 6.30 Uhr, "Whre the Condors Fly"
Thursday, 28. February at 9 pm, "Long live the Antipodes!"

Atelier am Bollwerk, Stuttgart GERMAN CINEMA PREMIERE
Sunday, 3. February at 11.30 am with film discussion with producer moderated by Herbert Spaich (SWR2)

Kommunales Kino "Im Alten Wiehrebahnhof"
, Freiburg
Monday, 4.February at 8 pm, feature Freiburger Fenster. Film discussion with producer
Thursday, 7. February at 7.30 pm "Where the Condors Fly" and at 9.30 pm "Long live the Antipodes!"
Sunday, 10. February at 5.30 pm"Long live the Antipodes!" and at 7.30 pm "Where the Condors Fly"

Subiaco Cinema in the Monastery, Alpirsbach

Friday, 22. February at 8pm
, "Where the Condors Fly", Film discussion with producer
Monday, 25. February at 8pm, "Where the Condors Fly"
Tuesday, 26. February at 8pm, "Where the Condors Fly"

Further projection dates are following.
Press materialial about "Where the Condors Fly" and "Long live the antipodes!"

Festival Screening at Solothurn (Soleure)

After its world premiere at Visions du Reel 2012 "Where the Condors Fly" participates again at a Swiss film festival. The cinematographic reflection about 'filming Fitzcarraldo' Victor Kossakovsky and (documentary-) filmmaking is programmed at Solothurner Filmtage.

Cine // B_5 and Cineteca Nacional - Screenings in Santiago de Chile

Being awarded at its last festival screening in Chile, the documentary "Where the Condors Fly" (Span. title: "Donde vuelan los Cóndores") is coming back to the country's capital and native city of director Carlos Klein.

Screening dates in Santiago de Chile:
14th of Decembre at 7.30 pm, Cineteca Nacional, Pre-premiere at 3rd Festival Cineteca Nacional

IDFA 2012 - Festival premiere in the Netherlands

"Where the Condors Fly" is invited to participate at the International Documentary Film Festival IDFA 2012 in Amsterdam (14.-25.11.). The festival committee has selected Carlos Klein's reflection about possibilities and limitations of film making for the section "Reflecting Images: Panorama" that presents thought-provoking films.

RIDM 2012 - Festival premiere in Canada

The documentary "Where the Condors Fly" of Carlos Klein continues its festival career on the American continent and will be presented for the first time in Canada. It has been chosen for the program of this year's RIDM Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal (7.-18.11.).

Awards for "Where the Condors Fly" at FICValdivia

Carlos Klein's documentary "Where the Condors Fly" (spanish title: "Donde vuelan los cóndores") celebrates a very succesful second festival screening in Chile. It wins two awards at the International Film Festival FICValdivia:

"Best Film" in section "Chilean Cinema" ("Mejor Pelicula" Competencia "Cine chileno")
Audience Award VTR (Premio VTR del público)


FICValdivia 2012 and premiere at TIDF 2012 in Taiwan

After celebrating its Chilean premiere in June 2012 "Where the Condors Fly" has been screened a second time in the country of origin of director Carlos Klein. The film participated in the competitive section "Chilean Documentary Feature" of FICValdivia International Film Festival.

Following to Chile "Where the Condors Fly" continues its festival career in Asia and is going to celebrate its Taiwanese premiere at TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Festival by the end of Octobre.

Message to Man 2012 - First screening in Russia

At the same time as being shown in Lithuania and South Korea, Carlos Klein's documentary celebrates its Russian premiere in St. Petersburg at International Film Festival Message to Man (22. - 29.9.2012). Victor Kossakovsky, protagonist and born in St. Petersburg is going to introduce "Where the Condors Fly" to the Russian audience in a Special Screening.

VDFF and DMZDocs 2012 - Premiere in Lithuania
and South Korea

"Where the Condors Fly"is going to be the opening film of 9. Vilnius Documentary Film Festival (20. - 30.9.2012) and will celebrate by this means its Lithuanian premiere.

At 12th Korean International Documentary Film Festival DMZDocs (21. - 27.9.2012) in Paju Bookcity, Gyenggi-do, "Where the Condors Fly" will be screened for the first time in South Korea. Carlos Kleins film is going to be presented in the section "Art Links" that is dedicated to documentaries broaching the issue of artists and their creative work.

Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire 2012

The documentary festival Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire (19.-25.8.12) in Lussas has chosen "Where the Condors Fly" for this year's program and will screen the film for its first time in France. The festival shows the film in a double screening together with Victor Kossakovsky's work "Long live the Antipodes".

Dokufest Prizren 2012 - International Premiere

Following FIDOCS "Where the Condors Fly" travelled to the Balkans to celebrate its International Premiere at Dokufest (7.7. -15.7.2012), Prizren in Kosovo. Carlos Klein's reflection about cinematography was screened in the International Competition. A double screening with "Vivan las Antipodas!" by Victor Kossakovsky allowed filmmakers and spectators to discuss questions about (documentary) filmmaking.

FIDOCS 2012 - Chilean Premiere

The 16th Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago (26.6. - 2.7.) screened "Where the Condors Fly" in the Latinamerican Competition. We were particularly happy about this participation as FIDOCS is considered to be the most important festival for documentary in Chile. A very suitable scene for the film's premiere in the country of origin of director Carlos Klein.

Visions du Réel 2012 - Worldpremiere and Special Mention

The documentary "Where the Condors Fly" celebrated its opening night at the International Film FestivalVisions du Réel in Nyon. The second feature documentary by Carlos Klein had been chosen by the renowned Swiss Film Festival to participate in the International Competition. At the award ceremony on 27th April 2012 it was awarded a Special Mention by the Cinéma Swiss Jury whichcommends it as "humorous, daring, moving, original documentary".

"For reflecting on the art of filmmaking and creation - not only through mind and brain, but rather also through physical force, instinct and intuition; for celebrating life and its wonder the jury decided to give this film a special commendation." (Cinéma Swiss Jury, Visions du Réel 2012)