„Where the Condors Fly“ - A Cinematographic Journey with Victor Kossakovsky

“Where the Condors Fly” is a personal, critical and deeply humorous reflection about filmmaking and its possibilities and limitations. Like a matrouchka doll, it tells the story of a filmmaker making a film about another filmmaker who is himself making a film.

On DVD together with "Vivan las Antipodas".
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Awarded as "Best Film" and Special Mention
Award "Premio de Cinema", Films on Art, Festival Temps d'Images, Portugal
Award "Best Feature Film" and Festival Winner, Antofadocs International Documentary Film Festival Chile
Best Film "Chilean Feature", Cine B_5 Santiago de Chile // Best Film "Chilean Cinema" and Audience Award
VTR, FICValdivia Chile // Special Mention, International Film Festival Visions du Réel Nyon

Nominated for Basel Film Award 2013 and Altazor Premio de Artes Nacionales, Director Documentary in Chile

Press comments
"A Making-Of that turns in a fascinating double-portrait of two cineasts who haven't unlearned the infantine amazement." ***
Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Apero, 23.5.2013

"Exquisitely cultivated reflection about filmmaking nowadays." ***
filmjournalisten.de, 8.5.2013

"Making a documentary about a documentary filmmaker? – Bullshit, says portraid cult director Victor Kossakovsky, that wouldn't make sense. Carlos Klein convinces us impressively from the contrary."
DOK.fest Munich, 4/2013

"Where the Condors Fly is an exceptional film essay about cinema itself, a road movie of universal reach whose driving thread is a documentary filmmaker’s passion for discovering the world." ***
Ambulante Film Festival 3/2013, Mexico

"Este cóndor tiene una visión y una misión: curiosamente, Klein hace una película sobre un realizador y consigue desviar totalmente la temática hacia como se realiza el proceso de filmar, alcanzando una veracidad sentimental, artística y creativa poco común." ***
Mundo hispánico 02/2013, Suiza

"Kleins film portrait not only gives insight in the personality of a genius documentary filmmaker, but shows also how - coming from his vision - to rebuild the world for film." ***
Filmbulletin 02/2013, Schweiz

"El chileno Carlos Klein, uno de los cineastas más interesantes de la escena documental chilena, con Donde vuelan los cóndores (2012), su tercer trabajo, ha firmado una película inquietante (…) la película se abre sin complejos hacia una crítica abierta al género documental, a las tácticas de aproximación, a la desafección del artista y la verdad, pero sobre todo a los modos de producción." ***
blogs & docs 01/2013, Spain

"Whatever side the audience might take, they will witness a film that captures a passionate artist and his deliberate creative process." ***
whatnottodoc.com, IDFA Review 11/2012

*** "
Where the Condors Fly not only delivers insight in acclaimed Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky's soul, it also shows how he rebuilds the world for the film." ***

Yearbook CINEMA, Selection Cinema 08/2012, Switzerland)

"Another film relates the exhausting, partly megalomanic production of this work ("Long live the Antipodes", editor's note), "Where the Condors Fly" by Carlos Klein, who helped and accompanied Victor Kossakovsky along his project. That is sometimes much more exciting than the high work itself." ***
Professional Production JUNE/JULY 2012

*** “This narration is exciting and instructive. Its results are almost more enjoyable than Kossakovsky's film “Long live the Antipodes” that is after all a filmic poem at a very high level.” ***
Kameramann, Germany 06/2012

*** Thanks to Klein for giving us all this and thanks also for giving us a film that is a must for all professionals and film students, who want to see how passion and commitment look like." ***
Filmkommentaren, Denmark, 23.5.2012



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